Abstract Art  Art-Work Commisions By Petro   


Petro is able to undertake commissions to
reproduce computers, their components or related computer items into works of art, whether for
personal or professional display.  

A favoured and now defunctional computer can be given a new life as a piece of art that can be displayed in a private or business setting.










Petro , attended Rochdale College of Art and was one of their top students, graduating top of his class. After spending twenty years as a well known astrolger and Graphic Designer, Petro moved to Spain where for the past six years he has developed his style by combining his formal training with new abstract concepts, using computers and their associated products to express his artistic in an original ideas. He feels that the major impact that computers have had on our lives deserves to be recorded artistically in his unique style.


Series 1.  This body of work uses the consumable parts of a computer, turning the mundane into art.

Series 2.  The mysterious inner-workings of computer
components exposed and re-presented as works of art.

Series 3.  Fun series using computer components to produce symbolic images in the form of townscapes, robots, cars etc.

Series 4.  This range of paintings incorporate the entire 
computer as seen from the outside as well as mirror pictures with the inside on show.