Recommended Esoteric Product

these cards are ideal for any interested leaning to read fortune cards as you can pick up pack and start reading with out any previous knowledge

The secrets of the the original prediction cards revealed



For the first time armed with the booklet, containing  the key interpretations and card layouts as well as a full pack of Spanish cards, you will be able to read the cards immediately 





Recommended Esoteric Product

if you don't fancy sticking needles into the skin with the health and pain considerations ,this painless method will allow you to practice acupuncture  

Electro Acupuncture Pen

The Acupuncture Pen emits a low-intensity electric current without needles

Treatment by Acupuncture is based on the theory that bodily ailments are a result of energy imbalance. When the pen is used to stimulate the points, the vital energy is regulated and the proper amount of energy flows within, helping the body to heal itself.






Recommended Esoteric Product

ideal to focus your mind and develop yoga like communication skills with your own body while under the influence of the relevant energy field

Mystic Health Stones

Let the power of the sun improve your mind body and soul

Vibrational energy could be the key to improved health





Recommended Esoteric Product

instead of  holding a string pendulum and having to balance yourself to steady it, with the rotary  you can sit down and even move around with, this is a unique concept, I've used this type for years and it has four fields of motion as a bonus

Revolutionary Rotary Pendulum 

The Rotary Pendulum gives you  the ability to test almost anything.  A fully professional instrument which is made from high quality materials designed to last for years and is fully guaranteed.
Included  with your Rotary Pendulum is a complete instruction  booklet with a full range of test procedures  developed to promote better health


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